Thursday, December 30, 2010

Breastfeeding Blues Part #2

If you didn't read the first part of Breastfeeding Blues, please go read that first here

December 6, 2010
So I saw Nancy and (like always) she made me feel so much better!  She said to keep nursing morning and night, give him a bottle of breastmilk/whole milk before each nap and forget that the feeding after the naps ever existed.  She said if Superman continues to hurt me when I am feeding him, to "vote him off the island" and give him a bottle.

She said it all so matter-of-factly that it was hard to add the "but I want to breastfeed till he wanted to stop", but I did.  Her response was that he is going to get breastmilk till he is 1 or almost 1 and that is good enough...that if I had to stop today that it would be great, that he will be just fine.  I don't know why hearing it from her made such a difference, but it did.

Update on December 30, 2010: Since I haven't posted this post yet and I really don't want a 3rd post of all this, I am going to just update what is going on here.

Superman was all good for a few days and then decided that he didn't want the bottle before naps.  I would then spend the time from when he woke up till it was time to nap again, trying to get milk in him.  So not the way I want things to go.  I tried dropping snacks and that didn't really help at first.  Finally I started giving him the bottle downstairs, letting him drink a few ounces and then bringing him up for his nap.  My sister suggested giving it to him while we read stories and that worked pretty well too.  What I have learned is that he will take the milk downstairs, while getting his diaper changed, and while reading books, but as soon as I start the real bedtime procedures like closing the blinds or turning on the white noise...he wants nothing to do with the bottle.  At first I was frustrated by this, but now I love that cuddle time. He settles in with his head on my chest and we rock as I sing his "night, night" song.   Occasionally he doesn't drink all the milk so when I get him up from his nap I usually bring the bottle back up with me and sometimes he wants and sometimes he doesn't...either way not a big deal.  He is getting plenty of milk now and I am much less worried about this whole transition.


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