Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Yesterday I posted on Facebook that during his nap, Superman was not actually sleeping, but rather crying because he had thrown his two stuffed animals and his blanket to the floor.  I wanted reassurance that I shouldn't go in and retrieve them.  Actually I really only wanted to retrieve the blanket, but that is neither here nor there.  Of course, everyone told me to hold strong and that going in would merely reinforce the throwing of items out of the crib.  

The problem is that the throwing of items isn't isolated to his crib.

When I put him in his "baby corral"  to play for about 30 minutes every morning, he throws his toys out.  He doesn't cry when they are out of the corral, unless he throws his blanket.  Then he tries to reach for it and cries.  I don't usually put the toys back in, but will hand him his blanket again (and he doesn't throw it again during that duration). 

Then when he is in his high chair...watch out!  He will be eating away and the moment he decides he is done with a food, he starts dropping it off the side of his tray.  This is a real issue considering we have two dogs that are ready to pounce on any piece of food that hits the floor.  We have tried telling him no, but he doesn't seem to understand or doesn't care since there isn't anything that happens if we say no and he does it again.  Do almost one year olds even understand "no"?  In the end we end up taking the food away and if he reaches for it, we give him it to him piece by piece, but sometimes he eats it and sometimes he takes it out of his mouth and tries to throw it on the floor.  It is really frustrating. 

So...HELP!!  What do I do?  Are these situations even connected or are there different things going on?  What would you do?



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