Friday, December 31, 2010

Baby #2- 10 weeks

December 11, 2010
How far along: 10 weeks 

Baby's size: prune

Symptoms: nausea, nausea, and more nausea

Sleep:  Yes please!  :) Sleeping pretty good at night and have been more tired during the day too.

Total Weight Gain:  total down 4 pounds

Maternity clothes: I wore some of my maternity shirts this week when I was feeling super bloated and icky.  I also threw on some maternity pants one of the days as well.  I think I am probably getting close to having to make the switch, but not quite there yet.

Best moment this week: Had a quick ultrasound at the doctor's office to make sure there is still a heartbeat and it was there beating away.

Movement: too early

Food cravings: nothing really sounds good

Gender:  ?????

Labor signs: none

What I miss: feeling better

What I'm looking forward to: being able to tell people- although as I mentioned last week there are a bunch of people that I see regularly that now know.

Weekly Wisdom (aka what I learned this week): Feeling dumb this week.

Milestones: nothing

Emotions: still riding the emotional roller coaster

Tandem Nursing:  
Supply: about the same
Pain: not really anymore
Nausea while nursing: I had a horrible bout of nausea on Sunday.  I thought I was going to throw up for sure, but was saved by the nausea goddess.    
Positions for nursing: cradle hold

Till next week!


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