Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My Sister is Guest Posting Tomorrow!

Tomorrow you are going to meet "Trixie", a 30 something prosecutor, mom of two, wife (of one, but do I really need to say that?) and my big sister.  Growing up the little sister of Trixie was tough, she was way smarter and far wittier than I ever could possibly be and as much as I might have wanted to hate her, she was the best big sister a girl could have.  She was my protector, mentor, and all-around-go-to-gal in life.  Being a bit of a free spirit that I was (am?), she always knew when I was heading in the wrong direction long before I did and although I never wanted to listen to her advice, I would always tell her what was going on, secretly hoping she would tell me that "yes, you have finally made the right decision".

Some time in the last 10 years she went from just being my big sister to being my friend.  Prior to then she was always in a different stage of life than I was.  She was out of high school 2 years before I even got there, out of the house for good shortly after that, and it wasn't till my first year of college (her last year of law school) that we were kind of in the same place, but even then she was still my big sister showing me the ropes of this great big world of ours (and teaching me that even though I didn't drink alcohol, it was necessary to always have something in my hand at a party, yes even if it was an empty cup). I guess it wasn't till she was getting married that we really connected as friends....I believe the moment included lots of wine and singing camp songs. 

Around that time I had met my husband (although we were not yet married), I had a great job, and had basically come down to earth to live a normal life.  In fact, I don't think I asked for a ton of advice during that time (unless you want to count the several month period prior to my husband's proposal to me when I thought I might just lose my mind if he didn't ask me to marry him soon).  It wasn't until I got pregnant and then had my son 12 weeks ago that I started going back to her for advice, lots and lots of advice.  Sometimes she had advice to give and sometimes she just commiserated with me, letting me know that I was not in fact the only person in the world to think I was going to completely lose it before my child turned 3 months old.  There were even a few times that she would share with me the struggles she was going through with her second child, specifically the struggles of assisting her second born to learn to sleep without the swaddle (I know a bunch of you just took a big sigh and thought, "oh, yeah.  That period sucks).

So tomorrow she will share with you one of her latest adventures of being a mom and a wife.  I have already read it and I think it is hilarious.  If you end up thinking it is hilarious too, please leave a comment and tell her as much.  I am trying to convince her to become a regular guest blogger for me and all your nice comments will help.

Good night all!

Mommy C

(I hope you enjoyed all the fun pictures of Trixie and I as kids!)


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