Tuesday, March 09, 2010

If dogs and babies could speak...

Long before I had a dog or a child a friend sheepishly admitted to me that he and his girlfriend "talk" for their dogs. They have full conversations between the dogs about a variety of topics, usually regarding the things around them at the moment. For example, as the dog sniffs around the dinner table, my friend might say (speaking for the dog), "I have been a good dog, you should give me some of your scraps" and then his partner would speak (as herself) in response to what he said, "No way Jose, this is my food." At the time, I thought he was insane.

Then...I got a dog. My husband and I became instantly guilty of this. I think we may have had more conversations that included our dog, then we did with each other.

Then...we got another dog and what happened? We began to imagine conversations they must have between each other, with us, with their toys...we were out of control.

Then...we had a baby. Baby S has been part of more conversations (through us) and has more opinions on things than you could imagine. In fact, when we are sitting around just the three of us, my husband and I don't speak to each other, but rather through the baby. Now, since my friend told me this I have seen other people do it as well, so I don't think we are original by any means, but my husband has brought it to a new level. Dear Hubby has decided that if he is going to speak for Baby S, he might as well make it "real". So he puts his finger under his lips and open and close his mouth as he speaks for the baby (imagine those E-trade commercials only being able to see the finger moving the baby's mouth). This folks has been our form of entertainment for the last 2 months at the expense of our poor son.

What crazy things did you or do you do with your baby?


Rebekah said...

Tell your husband that I told my husband about this. I'm sure teasing would soon commence if we hadn't done the same thing. :-)

Sue said...

omigod. i did the same thing that your husband does and people thought I was crazy. funny, but crazy. I love that we are not alone. We talk for our dogs and our baby all the time!

Kristy said...

I do that all the time with my little one, and my cat! lol

Stopping by from TMC and am now your follower. Hope to have you stop by Lemonade Mommy!



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