Thursday, March 11, 2010

Favorite Moments Friday

My sister recently mentioned that she wishes she had kept a journal so that she could remember all her favorite moments as a mom. That got me thinking about how I could incorporate it into the blog and have people share their favorite (or important) moments from the past week with their children.

So this week I am going to share my favorite (or important) moments from the last two months and you get to share your favorite (or important) moments since your child was born. Next week we will just reflect on the past week.

Here it goes:

My favorite moments with Baby S:

[Month 1]
  • The first hour and a half after he was born, Baby S was laying on my stomach/chest. He wasn't moved to be weighed, bathed or given tests. The nurses just left us there to bond and it was amazing. My husband and I examined his fingers and toes, I nursed him, and we began to tell him about the world he just entered.
  • Our first night home was probably the worst night we have had so far, but had that night not happened I probably wouldn't appreciate how awesome we actually have it with Baby S. I found out the next day that Baby S was probably more fussy because he wasn't getting enough food from me. We sorted that out though and life quickly got better.
  • My parents don't live near us and neither do my in-laws, so when Baby S got to meet my parents it was a big moment. My mom arrived just 4 days after he was born and my dad and step-mom were here several days later. I was so proud the moment I got to share my son with them.
  • Feeding Baby S wasn't that easy at first. I needed the help of a lactation consultant and a nipple shield (oh joy!)...and sadly, some formula. But, by the time my milk came in we were on a (pain free and formula free) roll. Some of my favorite moments so far have been feeding Baby S in the middle of the night as the whole house slept. In those early days I would feed him, then change him (silly me), and then rock him. As I rocked him to sleep I got to witness his early smiles as he drifted off to sleep.
  • When Baby S was 3 weeks old he got to meet his great grandmother (my husband's side). Grandma seemed so shocked that we would trust her to hold him. I don't think we have seen her smile that much in a long time.
  • My husband decided that he really liked reading books to Baby S early on and has tried to read at least one book each night. I love to look on as my two guys spend time together. Even better? Our one male dog loves to listen in too- he will sit at the end of the couch and stare at the book as if he understood what my husband was reading. It is hilarious!!

[Month 2]

  • When Baby S turned one month old we were blessed with two new achievements. He could grasp objects other than our fingers (although he still preferred our fingers over anything) and we got our first real smile!
  • Baby S's first Blazer game!! Baby S was just a month and a half, but we got him some ear protection and away we went! He absolutely loved all the lights and stared at them for most of the night.
  • My in-laws came and visited when Baby S was almost 2 months old. Once again I was so proud to introduce them to my son, but this time was a little bit different. This time I got to watch as my husband interacted with his parents as a father. I can't describe the change, but it was there and it was really cool to watch.
[Month 3- week one and two]
I have two not so favorite moments from these two weeks, but they are important moments so I am including them.

  • First is that Baby S had his first shots on his two month birthday. OMG...I didn't expect to be upset by this, but I think I had more tears than he did! Fortunately he was super exhausted so as soon as I calmed him down, he fell asleep. They told me he would be more tired than normal, but I wasn't prepared for how tired he actually was. He got the shots at noon and he slept till 6pm! He did two 'dream feeds' during that time, but I was really beginning to worry. Fortunately, my sister ensured that it was, in fact, okay. But I still posted my concern on Facebook to get more reassurance from my Facebook mommy friends.
  • Second is that Baby S threw up for the first time this week. I am not sure what was going on, but he has been spitting up a lot more lately (didn't really spit up at all during the first two months) and he didn't have a fever. He only threw up once, but he did spit up twice that day and twice the next day. So now I am feeding him less at a time, but more frequently.
So now to some actual favorite moments....
  • Baby S has come out of his shell in the last two weeks. He spends a lot more time smiling and a ton more time wiggling and cooing. He likes to lay on his back and look around at the world. He has a new play gym that he loves- he stares into the mirror and "talks" to the baby. It is adorable!
  • My husband and I have our bedroom back. Baby S moved to his own room earlier this week. He is such a loud sleeper that I think everyone is sleeping better now that I am not constantly checking on him every time he makes a noise. I was torn at first, but since he has slept for loner stretches since he went in there, I think it was a good decision.

Are you ready to share some favorite moments with me? Please take a moment and comment. I can't wait to read what you have to say!

Mommy C


Tiffiny said...

Cindy - LOVE your blog! Oh, the moments we've had with Ellie have really run the you know :)

But, I must say, she's entered the "golden phase" of babyhood. She yell-talks and squeals and laughs all the time - and fusses/cries so much less. I think part of that is due to maturity (she is 3mos old now) and a change in formula - really! We made the choice to switch her to a milk-based but lactose-free formula thickened with rice starch (Similac Sensitive RS) and it's made such a difference both with her reflux/spitting up and gassiness. It's like she's a different baby!

As for my favorite moment...hard to pick just one, but I have to say I'll never forget that feeling when the doctor placed her on my chest and I got to gaze at the perfect little girl I had just pushed out of my freakin' body! I was amazed at her...and so in love. Then, being Ellie, she had to go and lift that beautiful head of hers and look around, which both surprised and thrilled me. I should have known then we'd never have a dull moment with our little lady :)

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