Wednesday, June 01, 2011

How Can It Be June?

Today is June 1st.  You knew that already though, didn't you?  Today is also the day that I began to really lose my mind. 

In one month Superman will be 18 months old....and in one month our lives will forever change.  Our due date is July 9th and since Superman came a week early, I have had in my head that I need to be ready to go July 1st in case this baby decides to come early as well. 

All along I have been thinking I had tons of time.  In April, July seemed SO.FAR.AWAY.  In May, I felt like I better get preparing, but there was no rush.  But June?  June is the last month I have! 

People have tried to comfort me with the idea that I have done this before and that the second baby can be much easier.  All that is great, except for the fact that I am not actually worried about the new baby.  I am worried about being prepared for Superman.  I want to know that I have done everything possible to make this transition easier on him.

A lot of this anxiousness comes from the fact that, as of right now, there are at least 3 or 4 possible options for who will be taking care of S while I am in labor/delivery. 
  1. My mom arrives on June 28th, but I would like to have her at the hospital if possible.  
  2. We have a baby sitter that lives down the street that might be able to take care of him depending on her schedule when I actually go into labor.  
  3. My husband's aunt has said that she would help if we needed her to and lately I have been thinking that I need to contact her and make that a more solid plan (mentally adding this conversation to my to-do list).   But none of these people are in Superman's daily life so I need to have as much information about his daily life written down so that they can help make this time a little less chaotic for him. 
  4. If it is during the day AND there is availability, Superman might be able to go to his new daycare for some of the time.  
I have a packet started that includes all the typical babysitter information (contacts, nearest hospital, etc), plus it has his basic daily schedule and foods that he should (but might not if he is in a mood) eat for the various meals.  I also am including the words he knows (and what they sound like) and the signs he will use.  Oh and I am including how I do various things throughout the day with him (ex. bedtime routine) so that they can try and incorporate it into how they do things.  I am not so naive that I think that things will happen exactly how I have been doing them, but want to give people the best chance to keep him happy. 

I also need to have things in place around the house (both for when I am at the hospital and for when I return). 
  • I need to make sure my house is stocked with food that Superman will eat...or have cash on hand to give to the person watching him to go buy the food.  
  • I need to make sure that his room is organized so that people kind find the things they might need.  
  • I need to have clean sheets ready to go in case they need to spend the night (don't even get me started on the chaos that would be created if I am in labor at night, my mom is in town, but someone else needs to sleep on the bed she is using because they are staying with Superman).   
Other things that I am trying to have done before Baby #2's arrival? 
  • I would like Superman to go up and down the stairs voluntarily...without needing to be carried.  He can do it, it just a matter of whether he wants to and how long he will take to do it.  He is getting better daily.  
  • I want S to be comfortable with his new daycare.  I need to write a post about this too, but basically I found a daycare for him one day a week.  It will allow me to go to doctor's appointments this month without him and then allow me to go to the new mom's group once the baby is here.  I am also hoping that this daycare (because of it's drop-in childcare availability) might be an option during labor if needed. 
  • I want S to be used to going to bed without a huge routine at nap time.  This is for so many reasons, but the two main ones are because of the day care and because once the baby is here, I am not sure how easy it will be for me to do the whole routine and take care of the baby. 
  • I want to have meals in the freezer for both the people watching Superman and for when we get back from the hospital.
  • I need to pack my hospital bag.
  • Finish my birth plan.  I went through the birth plan I had with Superman and deleted a bunch of stuff that wasn't excessive.  I need to go through it with my doctor at some point and will likely trim it back even more. 
  • Both of our dogs need to get their shots and physicals so that the border will take them.  This is scheduled, but I will feel better when it is done.
  • Next week I want to put out the various "baby equipment" that we are going to use and get S comfortable with it being here.  He loves his baby doll so we will have him help us with his baby using all of the items.  He already likes to put his baby in the baby swing!  I am hoping this will help with the transition.
  • I would like to finish decorating the new baby's room.  Certainly it will be okay if this doesn't get done, I just am not sure it will ever get done if I don't do it now.
  • I would like to get at least one massage and one pedicure.  I am hoping this will get done while S is at daycare that one day a week this month.  
I know I am forgetting items, but I am too tired and too stressed to keep thinking about it.  I need to find my inner zen state and just relax a little...but how I am supposed to do that is beyond me.  Any tips?


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