Thursday, May 05, 2011

Baby #2: Week 30

month 7
April 30, 2011 
Okay, so really it is May 5th, but I have been sick and blogging really hasn't been a priority.  I swear it should be impossible for pregnant women to get sick.  First I got a stomach flu and then I got the cold that both my son and husband had (and I thought had magically skipped me, but instead it just decided to get me while I was down).   I am now stuck with a cough that seems to get magically (and horribly) worse in the evening which means that I am lucky to get 5-6 hours of sleep a night (not straight, total).  I have taken Benedryl, Sudafed, and Robitusin and it doesn't help.  I have drank hot tea, sat over a humidifier, taken a hot shower, and used my neti pot and none of it seems to even make it slightly better 5 minutes later.  I finally decided to head to the doctor this morning and so glad that I did.   I have bronchitis with RAD (which basically has asthma like symptoms).  So I have new meds to try and my fingers are crossed.  I need some sleep!  Okay, done with my rant....onto the regular post.

How far along: 30 weeks  

Baby's size: Squash (Month 7 - week 29-32) 

Symptoms: Well...this week sucked.  See above.  So I have no idea what symptoms I had this week. 

Total Weight Gain: At one point this week I stepped on the scale and I had lost 7 pounds.  I have gained most of that back since then, but that might give you a better clue on my week.

Total weight gain= +8 pounds  

Maternity clothes:  Yes

Best moment this week:  There was no best moment this week...I just wanted it over.   I did have a birthday, but didn't celebrate it till this week.  

Movement: Absolutely!

Food cravings: nothing

Gender:  BOY!!!

Labor signs: nope

What I miss: Being able to take meds that help me feel better. 

What I'm looking forward to:  Feeling better. 

Weekly Wisdom (aka what I learned this week): Don't get sick when you are pregnant.  

Milestones: 10 weeks to go

Emotions:  Doing pretty well. 

Boot Camp: None!  (1 hour 15 minutes each each day)

Pregnancy Water Aerobics: none (1 hour each) 
Total exercise time:  none....yeah

Till next week!


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