Thursday, February 17, 2011

Please Make The Crying Stop

Okay friends, I need some help.  I am really struggling with Superman's crying/screaming fits lately. I know how to handle his tantrums when he isn't getting his way, so I want to be clear that this is not my issue.

My issue is around when he wakes up.  Most of the time it is after his second nap, but it has happened first thing in the morning and after the first nap a couple times.  It was happening just a couple times a week, but the frequency has increased to an almost daily occurrence and today it happened twice (morning and afternoon nap).

He will be okay when I walk into the room, but then when I pick him up or sit with him in the rocking chair, he freaks out.  I thought it began because he knew that a diaper change was next and he hates diaper changes.  But after changing up the routine and waiting to change the diaper, he still is freaking out. 

I tried making the wake up routine slow and comforting.  I didn't turn the light on right away, tried rocking and cuddling with him, but he still freaks out. 

He doesn't seem to be in pain, but will arch his back and kick his legs.  He doesn't want me to hold him and pushes me away, but if I put him down he freaks out more. 

I have found two things that will end the screaming.  Sesame Street and putting him in the stroller and going for a walk.  If it is raining or I am exhausted (or I have a tear stained face like today), I opt for Sesame Street even though I hate that he is watching T.V.  It isn't an instant cure, we have to cuddle for awhile (which I love) and then he eventually will crawl out of my lap and play while watching.  We usually watch for about 10 minutes and then all is good.  I know 10 minutes isn't a huge deal, but I hate the idea of creating a pattern that television fixes our problems.

If I opt for the walk, he calms down pretty quick.  I thought it was just a change of scenery, but if I just walk outside with him he won't stop crying.  It is a fine solution to our problem and most of the time don't mind using it to get him to stop.

I just want to stop them from happening at all.  I read a post over at Mommy Shorts yesterday about "Taking Down the Tantrum" and I was grateful for the advice that was given.  However, the advice doesn't really apply to this situation....or does it? Am I somehow giving in to what he wants therefore things are getting worse?

I am not kidding when I say that I am pleading for your help.  I really want you to leave me a comment and give me advice on what might be causing the tantrum when I go to get him from a nap and what I might do to extinguish it.  Please.


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