Friday, February 04, 2011

The Line Between Walking and Not

So where exactly is the line between a walker and a non-walker?  Is there gray area?  What do you call it?  There needs to be a scale that accurately describes where our children are in the learning to walk process.  (Note: Yes, I realize that this is silly and a bit obsessive.  Hopefully you realize that this is my personality and just go with it.)

The last couple days he will be walking around and I think, "He is so a walker now."  But he still can't stand up with out pulling up on something and his limit is about 10-15ish steps (given no dogs are in his way).  

But his mentality has changed.  Rather than cruising along furniture to get from one place to another, he will walk there.  Rather than crawling to me, he will find a place to stand up and then walk to me.  When he is walking, he has learned how to change directions (left or right) pretty successfully so if he is heading straight down the hall and thinks he is going to fall, he will make a right or left turn so he can regain his balance along the wall.  He can also stop walking and just stand still....and then? He will start walking again! 

So at what point did you start telling people that your kid was walking?  Is it about the number of steps they can take, about their ability to stand up completely independently, or a both?  I would hate to preemptively state that he is walking when there is a general guideline for when this is okay. That would be awful!  heehee

(Note: I am only mildly serious here.  I am curious about when people declare that their child is walking and what that looks like.  I am not worried about my son nor am I really worried about what to call this thing he is doing.  Please take this post lightheartedly as it is intended.)


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