Thursday, February 17, 2011

Just wait till he is...

I am going to go on a bit of a rant here, just to warn you.

Lately I have had several friends on Facebook post about their struggles with their kids.  Some are having tantrums, other kids are being mean to other kids, and other kids are just being playing icky.  I am going to make an assumption that they posted this information because they wanted to hear that it is going to be okay, that they are good parents, and that they will in fact survive this tough time.  Or? Maybe they just wanted someone to say, "wow that sucks, I'm sorry". 

What I am pretty sure no one wants to hear, but everyone seems to post, is, "Oh, just wait till Johnny is 4 (or 7 or 12), it is much worse".  Really people?  Really?  Do you think that is helpful? 

I finally had enough yesterday and posted this comment on my friend's status after 4 people posted that the next year would be even worse for her. 
"Some how I have a feeling that whatever stage you are at is the worst stage. You think x is bad, but then you get used to it, adjust your ways and such, but then you move on to x+1 and then all of a sudden there are new challenges and you have amnesia about when your kid was at x and how hard that was. Hope he isn't sick and that things improve tomorrow!"
What is really bad is that even though at least one person agreed with me and the original poster even thanked me, 2 more people went on to tell her that it gets worse, to try and enjoy the tantrums, and that they are just preparing her for the future and someday she will look back at these days and wish for them again.  While all this might be true, it really doesn't help her now, does it?

Why is it so hard for some people to stand in someone else's shoes for a minute and think about how their comment might be received?   If we are truly friends, don't we want to support each other and help each other through the times times? 

Am I the only one that thinks this way?  


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