Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A (funny) Bad Mommy Moment

Superman has taken to walking all over the downstairs during his play time.   No longer can I plop myself down in the living room and play with him...no, playtime includes following him around making sure he doesn't get into anything he isn't suppose to while allowing him to explore independently. 

If you have (or had) a toddler, I imagine this sounds familiar. 

But rather than jumping into the end of the story, here is what happened first:

It was a normal day, he was toddling around pushing the kitchen chairs, pulling dishtowels out of the drawer, playing with the boxes I had put into the recycling container, running down the hall, taking almost every.single.shoe out of the storage bench that we have near the front door, and then returning back to the kitchen to explore the dog dish.

Oh dog dish...how I hate thee.  Superman LOVES water and wants to take any opportunity to play in it.  That has made the dog dish very appealing. I think that he sort of understands that he isn't supposed to play in it, but the time-outs we tried just never seemed to stick with him and he would just try and play with it the next day.  (Side note: I think he is just showing us that he is too young for time-outs. Anyone have any thoughts on this?)

So to avoid him getting opportunities to play in the water, but not going crazy anytime he goes near it, I watch him closely and the moment he goes for the water is when I intervene. 

So here I was watching him near the dog dish, there is a chair in my direct line of sight but I was just waiting for him to bend over to say, "no" and I could see his head easily.  It doesn't take long and I say, "no water".  Miraculously he turns and decides to walk back to me. 

Then I notice it...water on his shoe.  I think he must have put his foot into the water so I pick him up to take off the shoe when I realize that his shoe was not the only thing that ended up in the water. 

When I was sitting there waiting for him to bend over to touch the water?  Yeah, he was already in the water with one foot!  When he bent down, he actually SAT in the water!  So now I am holding one drenched toddler and despite my desire to be mad at him for getting into the water (and for me for not seeing it), I just had to laugh...

This may be the first time he has ended up a mess from one of his explorations, but it certainly won't be his last.  I think keeping a sense of humor about it all will help me be a better (sane) parent. 

Please leave me a comment, I want to hear your (funny) bad mommy moments!  


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