Friday, February 11, 2011


Who thought it was a good idea to make  pregnant women, despite being more "delicate", more clumsy?  I am already so clumsy when I am not pregnant!

Today? I fell at boot camp!   We were side stepping around in a circle and my feet got all tangled.  Next thing I knew I was hurdling towards the ground.  Fortunately, my knee and hip hit and not my abdomen.  Unfortunately, I am in some pain.  Initially it was just my ego that was hurt, but over the last couple hours my lower abdomen has been a crampy (not contractions).

I think I am okay.  I found the heart beat with my doppler and I don't have any bleeding.  But since I am all sore, I gave the doctor a call.   Not surprisingly, they want to be cautious, so I will head to the doctor's later today. I am also to stay off my feet for the next 24 hours.  Thankfully my husband can work from home so that he can help me with Superman and so I can go to the appointment without having to get a sitter or drag S along. 

Not surprisingly, I fell when I was pregnant with Superman.  Although that time wasn't my fault, I was guest teaching in classroom and went to sit on a broken stool....only I didn't know it was broken.  Fun times!

At any rate, I went into the doctor that time as well.  They check things out, made sure everything was good, and everyone felt better about the situation.  So I am glad that I am going in this time around too. 
I will update this post later today/tonight with how I am doing.


All is well!  Of course, we knew it would be, but it was nice to be sure.  We listened to the baby and she checked my cervix.  She said based on the pain I had, it was mostly muscular and I needed to rest.  She asked if lying down made me feel better and I sheepishly admitted that although I had been resting and sitting down, I had not really been laying down. So she told me to go home, lay down, and take it easy this weekend.  I thought it would be easy since my husband is home, but it is hard to just lay here. I am using the time to research double strollers and mini-vans. :) 

Hope you have a great evening!


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