Saturday, February 19, 2011

Baby #2: Week 20


February 18, 2011 

How far along: 20 weeks -- HALF WAY THERE!!!

Baby's size: Cantaloupe

Symptoms:  Lower back pain is still a problem, but I haven't really done much to fix it so don't feel bad for me.  I am also having some issues with heart burn...this baby better have a lot of hair!
Sleep: I am sleeping pretty well now that I have my collection of pillows I sleep with. 

Total Weight Gain: No gain this week!! Total gain= +3

Maternity clothes:  Yes, and apparently? I look pregnant!  Love it!

Best moment this week: I posted a picture of me on my personal Facebook page of me with my belly and people said the nicest things!!  All the commenters were moms so the low self-esteem part of me wonders if they just were being nice, knowing that this part of pregnancy is tough because you start getting really big, but people aren't 100% sure you are really pregnant so they don't say anything. I am going to try and not think that way though and just take all the nice comments in. 

Movement: I am starting to feel rolls and little kicks here and there, but they are really infrequent.  I know he or she is moving because I was listening to the heart beat with the doppler at one point this week and the baby was kicking at it with all he or she was really quite funny.

Food cravings:  A friend mentioned "Shamrock Shakes" on Facebook and I had no idea what they were.  Now that I know...I really want one!! Unfortunately, the McDonalds around here won't have them for another week.  Oh and Girl Scouts are out selling cookies now and I am looking forward to indulging myself with some Thin Mints.

Gender:  My husband thinks it is a girl and I think that his family has so many boys in it that I am likely to have another boy. Only one more week till we find out!

Labor signs: none

What I miss: Being able to run.  It has become obvious that my running days are really, truly over till I deliver this baby.  My heart rate shoots up too fast and is taking longer to recover so even alternating jogging and walking isn't really working anymore.  I am so disappointed!  

What I'm looking forward to: The anatomy scan on February 25th!

Weekly Wisdom (aka what I learned this week):  I have a horrible memory and I don't really remember the feelings I had when I was pregnant with Superman.  People keep asking me if the pregnancies are similar and I really don't know!  How odd is that?

Milestones: nothing really this week.

Emotions:  Doing well! 

Exercise: Doing okay with the exercise.  I have a yoga DVD and really need to find some time to use it.  My problem is that I don't want to take Superman's nap time to exercise because I am currently using it to rest.  I think it will help my back though, so I think I need to just get over it and do the DVD during his nap. 

Thursday- pregnancy water aerobics (60 minutes)
Wednesday and Friday- Baby boot camp (60 minutes each)

Tandem Nursing:  
Officially over. 

Till next week!


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