Monday, January 31, 2011

The Joy (or lack their of) of (NOT) Walking

Back when Superman was 9 months old and learning to cruise along furniture, I was certain that he would be walking very soon.  By Thanksgiving he was cruising so proficiently and taking a couple steps here and there, I was certain we were days away from having a walker on our hands.  Here we are, days from him being 13 months, and he still isn't walking.  Sure, if he is highly motivated, he will take up to about 8-9 steps at one time, but he has to be really, really motivated (meaning I have teasing him with a remote or cellphone).

What the heck?   

The thing is, he loves to walk!  When he uses the walker or pushes his wagon around, he is grinning from ear to ear and squealing the whole time.  When we are inside, he will cruise to get where he is going rather than crawling there, even if crawling would be faster.  

I am beginning to wonder if he will ever walk independently.  He still hasn't even attempted to stand up without holding on to anything and I am pretty sure he has to learn that before he will really start walking.  

Oh and for all you moms who think I am insane for wanting him to walk (because I know you are out there), please let me take a minute to explain.  First, my back is killing me and every time I have to lift him up it yells at me.  Second, my back is killing me and every time I carry him from one place to another I want to cry out in pain.  Third, my back is killing me and I would rather put a leash on my kid than carry him. 

So I am thinking we should start taking bets on when he will be a completely independent walker.  Anybody want to make a wager?

Note: I realize that he is still within the total normal range of development and that there really is no concern that he isn't walking yet.  I think that I am more dumbfounded than anything because we were so flippin' convinced that he would walk early.  I guess he is just showing me how little control I have in some of his development.  Now if I really wanted to talk about an area that I am concerned, it would be his lack of speech, but we will save that for another day...


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