Sunday, January 02, 2011

Baby #2 - 13 weeks

week 13
January 1, 2011- Happy New Year!!
How far along: 13 weeks 

Baby's size: peach

Symptoms:Nausea is doing okay, still there and still annoying.  I really have to stay on top of my eating or it gets bad...really, really bad.  I am also SO exhausted this week. I just can't seem to get enough rest.   

Sleep:  Sleeping fine, but I wish I could sleep more.  I worry about napping too much because then I might not be able to sleep at night.  However, some days my eyes just won't stay open at all and I am grateful for nap time.

Total Weight Gain: staying steady at 4 pounds down

Maternity clothes: Yup, although I still just look more chubby than normal. 

Best moment this week: Being able to tell the world that I am pregnant.

Movement: Lots of flutters this week!  Now I am pretty convinced that it is the baby and not my imagination.

Food cravings: cheese and orange juice (but not at the same time)

Gender:  ?????

Labor signs: none

What I miss: Feeling rested and feeling better.  I miss being able to help out more around the house.  I hate watching my husband rush around on Saturday to get 10 million and 1 things done because I can't do it during the week.  It is frustrating and I am hoping that I start to gain the energy back this week. 

What I'm looking forward to: The start of the 2nd trimester and feeling better.

Weekly Wisdom (aka what I learned this week): I have nothing wise to say this brain has turned to mush.

Milestones: Telling the world I am pregnant.

Emotions: very emotional...crying at the drop of a hat it seems.

Tandem Nursing:  
Nursing only morning- sort of
Supply: almost none existent.  Superman will nurse in the morning for a few minutes on each side and then we head downstairs for the bottle.  I doubt he is getting much, but it hasn't been hurting so I am going to continue (the few times that it has hurt I try getting him to latch again or we just give up for the day).  He has been getting 6oz of frozen breast milk mixed with his other bottles through out the day.
Pain: Minimal- mostly due to poor latch when there isn't any milk
Nausea while nursing: None  
Positions for nursing: cradle hold
Other thoughts on this: Superman turns 1 tomorrow and part of me thinks I should just stop and celebrate that we made it to a year.  The other part of me thinks about wanting Superman to decide when he is done (as long as it isn't causing me pain).  I also think about how awesome it would be to have him nursing when baby #2 is born so that he can help me boost my supply...yeah, I am being purely selfish there.   So I am just going to play it by ear and see what happens. 
Till next week!


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