Saturday, January 01, 2011

Baby #2- 12 weeks

December 25, 2010 - Merry Christmas!

How far along: 12 weeks 

Baby's size: plum

Symptoms: Holy Nausea Batman!  It has been really bad this week...really bad.  No getting sick, just nausea but it still sucks.  Very little sounds good to eat and dinners this week have been mostly rice and cottage cheese. 

Sleep:  Doing well!

Total Weight Gain: staying steady at 4 pounds down

Maternity clothes: Bought some new pants!  I can still fit into my jeans, but they are not comfortable at all.  I have a few pairs of pants from my first pregnancy, but with Superman I tend to get dirty a lot more so it was either do laundry more (no way) or buy more pants. 

Best moment this week: Hearing the heartbeat with this at home fetal doppler.  Last time I rented one, but thought I would take my chances with this purchase (since it was less than what it would cost to rent).  I am thrilled that it worked! 

Movement: I think I felt the baby!  I feel like it should be WAY too early to feel movement, but Sunday I felt a few flutters in the same spot.  It would flutter, stop, flutter, stop and repeated that a couple times.  Then I was driving one night this week and it happened again.  I have no idea if it was actually the baby, but it sure felt like it.

Food cravings: cheese!

Gender:  ?????

Labor signs: none

What I miss: feeling better and beer

What I'm looking forward to: Christmas!  Technically I should be writing this on Christmas, but it will be a busy day so I am writing on Christmas Eve.  We are going to tell my husband's uncle, aunt, and cousins at dinner Christmas day.   I am also looking forward to the ultrasound on Monday.  We are going to announce on Facebook and this blog after the appointment.

Weekly Wisdom (aka what I learned this week): I don't remember much of the bad parts of being pregnant.  I mean I remember not feeling well as an event that happened to me, but not as an emotion or feeling.  Does that make sense at all?  I also can't remember what the pain felt like during labor even though I know that it was the worst pain of my life.   It truly is amazing that our brains allow us to forget those things. 

Milestones: possibly feeling the baby kick, hearing the heartbeat on the doppler

Emotions: doing okay this week

Tandem Nursing:  
Nursing only morning and night...sort of
Supply: almost none existent.  I have to supplement for both morning and night.  Superman still will latch on and nurse for awhile so I am letting him...but he certainly isn't getting any real milk from it.  
Pain: None
Nausea while nursing: None  
Positions for nursing: cradle hold
Other thoughts on this: I have heard that many babies will continue to nurse for comfort till the milk comes back after the baby is born.  I am beginning to wonder if I am willing to stick with it though.  I am really appreciating the bottles (and sippy cup now and then) and dream of a day when my husband and I can take turns sleeping in.
Till next week!


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