Saturday, January 01, 2011

Baby #2- 11 weeks

December 18, 2010
How far along: 11 weeks 

Baby's size: lime

Symptoms: The nausea seems to be getting better, but I have been really tired this week. 

Sleep:  Figured out that I can't take a nap in the afternoon and sleep well at night.  Otherwise, sleep is good. 

Total Weight Gain:  total down 4 pounds
Maternity clothes:  I have been wearing a lot of maternity clothes.  My belly is slightly bigger, but I just look chubby.  All my normal shirts are now tight in the belly area so it is just more comfortable to wear the maternity ones.  I have discovered that I hate my maternity jeans...or rather I am remembering that I hate them.  They drove me insane last pregnancy because they would never stay up.  I am not in search of new jeans.
Best moment this week: Some friends and I did a cookie exchange.  I know this isn't pregnancy related, but those cookies and other treats were sooooo good. :)

Movement: too early

Food cravings: nothing really sounds good

Gender:  ?????

Labor signs: none

What I miss: feeling better

What I'm looking forward to: being able to tell people--only a little over a week to go!

Weekly Wisdom (aka what I learned this week): A cookie exchange doesn't have to be just cookies.

Milestones: moving into maternity clothes

Emotions: still riding the emotional roller coaster

Tandem Nursing:  
Nursing only morning and night
Supply: low.  I have had to supplement in the mornings a few times this week.
Pain: None
Nausea while nursing: None  
Positions for nursing: cradle hold
Other thoughts on this: Our nursing days are numbered.   It is becoming obvious to me that my supply will not stick around with just two feedings which is highly disappointing.  He is still getting breastmilk in his bottles (mixed with whole milk), but I don't know how much longer he will put up with a low supply on my end.
Till next week!


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