Thursday, April 07, 2011

Remembering to cherish the moment...

Have you ever had a week that reminds you what is important?  That was my week.  Some really special people had some really crappy weeks.

One of the moms I know got some of the worst news you can imagine.  Her husband has been diagnosed with cancer and given 2-5 years.  They have a daughter that is just a year and a half.

One of our family members received news that he has Multiple Sclerosis.  Because of this diagnosis and because of what he does for a living, he is unclear what will happen with his career. 

The 3 year old brother of a friend's stepson is battling a very aggressive brain cancer and it is truly a battle day to day. 

Many of my pregnant friends are struggling with really tough illnesses/colds, gestational diabetes, and other health issues.

Several (very fit and active) acquaintances have been injured and not only had their fitness goals interrupted, but had life put on hold as well. 


Sure some are clearly worse than others, but each time I heard about another situation, I grabbed my family closer and took moments to stop and appreciate everything around me. 

So I want you to stop, pull your family close and tell them how much they mean to you, take time to enjoy the moment you are in instead of bustling through your to-do list tomorrow, and say a prayer for those who are struggling right now.  They could really use the support. 

Thank you.


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