Saturday, April 02, 2011

Baby #2: Week 26

month 6
April 2, 2011 
(Happy 15 Months to Superman! Happy 3rd Birthday to my puppy, Clyde!)

How far along: 26 weeks

Baby's size: Eggplant (Month 6 - week 25-28) or English Hothouse Cucumber for week 26 (about 14 inches long)

Symptoms:  My big ole' belly is starting to really get in the way. My back is feeling better, but I have to wear the brace almost all the time.  Not sure what else to say...

Total Weight Gain: 
Okay, long story- I had an ob appointment with the nurse practitioner instead of my ob on Monday so I used a different scale to get weighed.  According to that scale I gained 8 pounds this month!!!!!  I was so thrown by that number that I came home and weighed myself (and because the normal scale at the ob office is about 2 pounds less than my home scale so I figured it would tell me if the NP scale was accurate or just way off). Well I weighed 5 pounds more than the last time (still not great).  That would mean that if I weighed in at my ob's office I would have only been up 3 pounds.  So I decided to split the difference between my home scale and what I speculated my normal ob scale would have said.  Confused?  Yeah, I'm not surprised.

Weight gain this past month= +4 
Total weight gain= +8 pounds  

Maternity clothes:  Yes

Best moment this week: Passing my blood glucose test!

Movement:  Lots and lots of movements!

Food cravings: None really.  I haven't been as hungry lately.  I seem to be filling up a lot faster and so not many things are sounding great.   

Gender:  BOY!!!

Labor signs: none

What I miss:Being able to tie my shoes properly.

What I'm looking forward to: We are going to buy a new car!! We have been researching for months and have finally narrowed it down to two different versions of the Odyssey (XL-E with RES or Touring).  We are going to go and test drive them on Sunday and then go from there.  The Touring is a lot easier to get than the XL-E, but we aren't sure we really need all the features that the Touring add.  Car buying really has changed quite a bit since we bought my Prius in '07.  I will have to write a post about this "new" experience.

Weekly Wisdom (aka what I learned this week):  A lot more people have children close together than I had previously thought.  It seems like where ever Superman and I go now a days people are telling me about their kids less than 2 years a part.  Nice to know that I am not the only nutty

Milestones: Passing blood glucose test.

Emotions:  My anxiety is A LOT better this week.  

Boot Camp: Friday (1 hour 15 minutes each)

Pregnancy Water Aerobics: Tuesday (1 hour each)
Stretching: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday (about 5 minutes each)

Total exercise time:  2 hours 30 minutes (better than last week, but still not great)

Till next week!


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