Friday, November 12, 2010

A lot more about Mommy C

I thought that maybe I would give you all a little bit more about me.  I am more than a new mom 

Growing up in Upstate NY, I lived with my dad during the school year and my mom during vacations and the summer.  It was not an easy childhood, but it has molded me into the person that I am today.  I went off to college in 1995 and became an elementary school teacher.  I graduated early in December 1998 and my sister convinced me to try living somewhere other than the small town we grew up in.
     In January of 1999 I flew to Northern California for an interview and never left (yes, I got the job).  I taught 2nd grade in a multi-age classroom in a very tiny school (175 kids K-8) till the summer of 2001.  At that point, I transferred to a huge school district to teach 6th grade.  I hated 6th grade.  I taught it for two years only because I convinced myself that I was taking the easy way out if I transferred after one year.  I was actually about ready to make the decision to move back to NY at the end of the school year when I met my husband.
     Up to this point I had felt very unconnected with the community and had very few friends.  He not only was an amazing man that made each and everyone of my days brighter, but he had an amazing group of friends that quickly welcomed me in.
   The next year, rather than heading back to NY, I transferred to 4th grade in the same school and I loved it!  I had a fabulous team, the students were the perfect age for me, and began to find more and more opportunities to be a leader on my campus.  Over the next couple of years I would become part of a staff development team that provided in-service to the other teachers.  I loved every minute of it.
    In 2006, I married the man of my dreams and decided that another change was in order.  I applied for a job as an instructional coach and got it!


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