Sunday, November 07, 2010

Favorite Moments Friday

I think I have been working on this post since Thursday and finally finishing it. It has been an interesting week and my mind has been elsewhere.   Horrible excuse I know, but such is life sometimes.  

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!


Superman is 10 months old!! I can't believe he is so close to turning 1.  Where did the time go?

Here are some of the favorite moments from the last month.

  • Superman is a full on cruiser!  He can go from laying down to cruising along the coffee table in about 2 seconds.  He loves going from one piece of furniture to another and using his little walkers.

  • REI sent Superman his first credit card application.  Thanks, but I think we will pass for now.
    Superman in Pumpkin Patch2
  •  As I posted earlier this month, we headed to two different pumpkin patches this year.  We first we went to Kruger Farms and tried our hand at our very first corn maze.  The second was Lake View Farms with a boat and train ride. 

  •  My husband takes care of getting Superman ready for bed every night, including story time.  Hubby called me in earlier this month to show me Superman's new skill...turning the page!   Now a days he is turning pages left and right.  He especially likes the peek-a-boo books where there is something hidden under the flap.

  • Superman has tried a lot of different foods in his life, but the big one this month was fish.  I got a couple small fillets of sole at Whole Foods and baked them.  Superman loved it!  Unfortunately, my house smelled like fish for a couple days.
  • My husband's group at work held treat or treating and a party the Friday before Halloween.  I brought Superman in and he got to show his baby off to all his coworkers.  It was fun to see how proud my husband is of our son.

  •  Superman's first Halloween was filled with crankiness, teething we suspect.  However, he put up with his mom and dad so we could get some cute pictures that I posted on Wednesday.

I suppose that is all for this month. Till next month....


Mommy C


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