Saturday, November 13, 2010


I believe that a bad day can be made better with the simple act of blowing bubbles.  Try it some time.  I bet you can't blow bubbles when you are all tense and will just blow bubble juice everywhere.  Blowing bubbles takes patience and slow even breaths.  It gets better if you stop and enjoy the moment. 

So yesterday, when I was frustrated that my little man was insisting on his desire to play in the dog's water bowl or the cords on the tv receiver, or anything else he isn't allowed to do, instead of getting irritated, I got bubbles.  The dogs even joined in on the fun. Clyde tried to eat them and Lola cocked her head to the side trying to figure out what was floating in the air all around her.  The whole living room was covered!  Superman was giggling and I couldn't help but chuckle along with him.

And then? The world was okay again...well, for at least a little while.



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