Saturday, April 17, 2010

Flying with baby...

We flew down to the Sacramento last weekend and that meant Baby S got to fly the very first time.  As far as flights go, this was a good place to start since it is only an hour and a half each way. 

Do you remember Trixie saying that she likes a good plan?  I like plans too.  I also like lists.  I think it runs through in the family.  Can it be genetic? I digress.  So leaving for a trip? We get to have a list (or two or three) and a plan!  So there were a few things that I wanted to make sure of as we planned for the flight.  First, I wanted to be fully prepared for anything on the plane.  I had extra diapers, wipes, blankets, pacifiers, and clothes (for S and myself...always have an extra shirt for yourself).  Second, I wanted these things to be organized so that getting through security wouldn't frustrate everyone around me.  Third, I had a plan to feed S when we got through security and then again when we got on the plane.  Finally, Hubby and I had a plan that I would sit up against the window so that I would have a little bit more privacy as I nursed S. 

So how did that all work out?  Well I packed well and we got through security like pros.   Then we second guessed our plan...I should never second guess my plan.  Because the new plan failed. He was doing so well that hubby and I decided to delay it some so we could eat.  Then we delayed it more because he was sleeping.  Then it was 10 minutes before we were to board and if he could just make it till take off life would be good....enter Baby S screaming and all the passengers wishing they were on a different flight.  I wanted to shout at them and tell them that I just needed to feed him when we got on the plane and he would be fine.  Why did I care about all these people so much? I am never going to see them again.  I hate that I cared what they thought.

We finally got on board and after some struggling to get him and I covered appropriately while he was squirming and crying, I started to feed S.  By the time we were in the air he was asleep...and I took a deep breath.  Oh, but then...he woke up and fussed. I think his ears hurt him because it was a different kind of fuss so I nurse him again to get them to equalize.  He eventually fell asleep and we repeated this cycle 3-4 times before we actually landed.

So the way down wasn't a complete failure, but it wasn't great either.  I was tired, sweaty, and uncomfortable.  Then to make things a little worse, when we got there, Hubby turned to me and said, "that wasn't so bad."  My response? Ha ha...I honestly don't remember what I said, but I know that I couldn't believe that his perspective was so different then mine.  Then again, he will never know what it is like to have a baby on your boob for over an hour.  Men.

The good news is that we learned our lesson and did things better on the way back.  We still made it through security like pros, but this time I fed S right afterward.  Then when we eased our way onto the plane (tears free), nursed through take off, slept a little, and then he even smiled and played a little bit!  To be fair, the other lesson I learned was that the timing of the flight also matters.  The first flight? It was at 5pm.  The second flight? It was at 2pm.  HUGE DIFFERENCE!

So to quote my husband, in the end, "that wasn't so bad".  In fact, instead of driving to California next month, we are going to fly again.  If you haven't flown with your little one yet, learn from my mistakes.  If you have flown and have tips for me for next time...please share!

Mommy C


Mama Pea said...

The 1st trip sounds stressful! But it seems like you really figured it out on the way back. I haven't flown with Baby yet, so I'm always interested in other moms' tips and stories.

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