Friday, April 16, 2010

Favorite Moments Friday

It wasn't till this morning that I realized that I never posted my favorite moments from last week.  How did this happen? I had it all written and everything.  Well it was because my husband, Baby S and I hopped onto a plane and went to California for the weekend and I was a wee bit distracted.  I had a plan and well, that plan failed.  So here are the couple things from last week:

Baby S gets to fly on a plane for the very first time at 3 months old!  So that will be my favorite memory (not moment because in the moment I will be freaking out about remembering everything, feeding Baby S on the take off and landing, and not annoying the people near us).

This week Baby S started actually playing with the stuffed monkey that hangs on  his car seat.   This is the monkey that he has completely ignored up until this week.  He actually prefers to have it next to him so he can grab at it.  It is very cute to see him interact with the monkey. 

Now on to this week:

Baby S survived his first two flights!  I will post more about our trip in the next couple of days.  Overall it went okay, good enough that hubby has convinced me that we should fly back to California next month instead of drive. He also got to meet much of our Folsom Family (our close group of friends from when we lived there).  Hopefully he will get to meet more of our friends when we go down in a month for the wedding.

On Monday, while we were at mom's group, he stayed sitting on his own for a whole 5 seconds!  I was holding his hands and let go of one of them and then he let go of the other and he stayed upright!  It seemed like there were a bunch of babies doing things for the first time that day...must have been the right 'energy' that day.

Baby S rolled from his front to his back on his own! (at 14 weeks and 5 days)  I am so proud of him!  The coolest thing was that we were doing tummy time in front of the mirror for the first time and so I was video taping it!  I am so glad that I was able to share it with hubby.

What are your favorite moments from this week?

So I am thinking I should change the name of this weekly post.  You see, not all the things I want to remember from this week are "favorite moments"...some are just awful, like the fact that Baby S has been crying a ton for the last few weeks and I couldn't figure out why really so we went to the pediatrician and it turns out he hasn't gained enough weight since his last appointment...the poor kid is hungry!  Ugh, I felt like such a bad mommy, but who would think your child is hungry 25 minutes after the last feeding?  Fortunately, the doctor said it is just a borderline issue so we should be able to resolve it with extra feedings.  So this isn't a favorite moment, but one that I might want to remember (so that I can remember not to do it again) .  Any suggestions about what I should call it?  I do not need to do it on Fridays either so if another day works with a cute name...I might just switch. :)


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