Friday, April 02, 2010

Favorite Moments Friday

Today is a special day so I am going to put a twist on Favorite Moments Friday.  What is so special about today you ask?
Baby S is 3 months today!

I can't believe it has been three months!  It has gone by so quickly, yet I know there were days in the last three months that I thought would never end.  I feel like Baby S is so grown up now, he laughs in response to my husband and I, tracks us as we walk around the room, looks at the person that is talking (even if it is a stranger), and has begun to notice (and play with) the little animals hanging from his bouncy seat, car seat, and play gym.  He is not the only person that has changed though...I feel completely transformed into a mom.  I haven't missed teaching for one second!  I have learned new skills like:
  1. "Calm your baby jiggle and shuffle"
  2. Talking to Baby S about almost every move I make (despite the feeling like I might be losing it since I am in essence talking to myself)
  3. Driving with one hand on the steering wheel and one hand reached over to the back seat and into Baby S's mouth in order to calm him as we drive home (granted it is usually because I have pushed our outing just a wee bit too long and now he is either over tired or really hungry)
  4. I can tell (much of the time) when Baby S is getting to be hungry, tired, or over stimulated, and can usually get him what he needs before a major meltdown 
  5. I can change a diaper like a rock star (and when my husband isn't home, will often try to sing like one too).
  6. I can drive or sleep without constantly worrying that something will happen to Baby S while I doing those things.
  7. I can nurse, watch tv/surf the internet, and carry on a conversation (or yell at the dogs) all at the same time. 
What are some of the things you have learned to do now that you are a mom? 

I do have a few favorite moments from this week as well.  Here we go:

  1. We went on our first picnic last Saturday.  We first took a short walk through Washington Park in Portland and then found a nice spot on a grassy knoll with a great view of Mount St. Helens to set up our picnic.  Baby S got to wear his cool sun hat and touch grass for the very first time!
  2. On Wednesday we hosted the first of our Play Group dates.  It was a lot of fun and it tuckered poor Baby S out.  He fell asleep around 3 and at shortly after 5, my husband and I decided that I better wake him up if he was going to fall back asleep at 7:30.  Well I went in, turned off the sound machine, opened the blinds and then slowly undid his swaddle...the whole time he was sound asleep.  Finally he began to stretch and he peeked at me with just one eye...and then he grinned. Ugh...I just about melted right then and there!

There is another reason why today is special.  Today is my puppy's birthday!  Clyde turns 2 today so I figured I would take a quick moment and show how much he has grown!  The first picture is when he was just 8 weeks old.  We had to wait just two more weeks to get him, but we wanted our other dog, Lola, to have a chance to meet him.  The second picture I just took today (Clyde on the left, Lola on the right). 

Happy Birthday Clyde! 


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