Friday, April 23, 2010

Favorite Moment Friday

This has been a tough week...a really tough week, one that has been filled with a lot of tears on my part and a lot of bottles on S's part.  The worst part is that I don't think we are over the hump yet (I guess only time will tell), but in the spirit of trying to remember the good things, here we go.

I have been seeing a lot more of the sun lately and during a recent shopping trip, I purchased a waterproof outdoor blanket...this one in fact:    (JJ Cole Outdoor Blanket, bought at Segal's)

Prior to this purchase, our outdoor adventures consisted of lots of walks (where S would consistently fall asleep in his stroller) or a single picnic (that included a walk first where he fell asleep).   The picnic was okay, but we had to drag a big ole blanket with us and it only did an okay job at keeping us dry.  Now, S and I can sit outside and play without fear! In fact, last Friday (after I had already posted Fav.Moment Friday) it was warm and sunny so I decided we would set up the blanket and play out front until my hubby arrived home from work. S loved it!  He played with some of the new toys I had gotten him (including the skwish --he loves the skwish).  Our neighbor even came by with her daughter (who is one month older than S) and sat with us.   It was a nice sign of what is to come.  I look forward to the days when I can sit out front and chat with a neighbor or two as we watch our kids play together...but until then, I will gladly take many, many days of sitting on this blanket playing with his toys, just the two of us.

S had his first "babysitter" experience (not counting hubby's parents) so that hubby and I could go to the Blazers game last night (ugh, what a bad, bad game).  I put babysitter in quotes because our friends watched him for us (post about this to come).  Our friends are awesome!  They have three boys of their own and I knew that if I was going to leave him with someone and not completely worry the entire time I was gone, they were the ones I wanted to leave him with.  If I wasn't already confident enough, when we got there and I took S out of the carrier, Mr. Friend immediately took him from me and held him as if it was second nature (yeah I realize I shouldn't be surprised since he has 3 kids and all, but there is something about the way someone holds your child that really can exude confidence).  At any rate, I only worried a little bit (mostly that he would cry a lot) and despite the horrible Blazer loss, hubby and I enjoyed our time out.

I guess that is it for this week....not to say that we didn't have other great moments, but nothing "new".  S still loves to coo a ton and make different noises that make me giggle.  He loves when I make silly noises and will giggle at them if I do it over and over.  He is getting a ton stronger and spending more time pushing up when he is on his tummy.   Despite the "crappiness" that was this week, he was the light that got me through it.  He was the one thing each day that made me smile over and over.

What was your favorite moment from the week?? 


Since I don't post everyday, I thought I would let you know what is coming soon.  Tomorrow I will have Part 2 of my Lactation Goodness post.  As you have read above, this was a crappy week and my milk supply was at the center of its crappiness.  I will share with you what happened at my lactation appointment on Monday, what I have been doing all week to make things better and its impact on my body, and I will let you know what happened at my lactation follow-up appointment today.  Also, as I mentioned above, I am working on a post about sharing baby care with friends...we are bringing date night back to all the new parents in my moms group!  Although it is not a new idea, it is one that I had not thought of until someone mentioned it to me via my personal Facebook page.  So if you are dieing to bring back date night in your house, make sure you come back and read about how my moms group is doing it!

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