Monday, April 12, 2010

Dear Baby Boy Clothing Designers...

Dear Baby Boy Clothing Designers,

I do not know what your obsession is with adding words and animals/cars/trains/etc to EVERY piece of baby boy clothing, but I would like to request that you please stop.  Seriously.  It makes shopping insanely difficult for things like pictures, weddings, and holidays.  Seriously.  I went to get an outfit or two for our 3 month pictures and Easter and it was nearly impossible.  Not sure what I mean?  Stroll through a Carters sometime.  Personally, I couldn't find a single nice Easter outfit from them in the 3 month size. Seriously. Maybe you should talk to the designers at Baby Gap because they had the most options, the problem is that they want to charge a small fortune for an outfit.  Seriously.
At first I thought it was just me being a plain Jane, but then I had a conversation at our last play date and the other moms feel the same way.  Seriously. How can so many moms feels this way and nothing is changed?  I suppose it is because moms keep buying it since not clothing your child isn't really an option and most moms can't afford to cloth their children entirely from Baby Gap.  But seriously, step away from the animal/car/train/etc patches and just let the clothing be.  Because seriously the clothes that you design would look tremendous just they way they are without them added.  Seriously. 

Still not buying that clothes would look better without all the added "stuff"?  Try reading this letter without the words "seriously" is far less annoying and gets the point across just fine, because with the words 'seriously' I am just an annoying car plastered to some 3 month old baby boy's shirt. 


Mommy C


Tiffiny said...

At least you don't have to wade through racks of girl clothes covered in kitty cats or bunnies or hearts or flowers... :P

And yes, Baby Gap is where the 'event' clothes are at but the prices...yeesh. We lucked out for Easter and used a beautiful dress from Janie and Jack that a friend bought as a gift for Ellie. Otherwise, she'd have (sadly) been kitted out in something less elegant.

Rebekah @ Mom-In-A-Million said...

Sing it, sister! I've had good luck finding solids and stripes at Target, Old Navy and H&M but I have to look hard. And it's easier the bigger the boy is. (Toddler clothes actually have some cool retro logos like Chewbacca and Big Wheel this summer and C is so wearing them). But I get soooo sick of seeing cars and dinosaurs all over the place when i shop.

Suni Designs, Inc. said...

I make customized crocheted baby clothes for boys. Check out my site, and convo me for whatever you need.

CaneWife said...

I was very lucky to get a white polo from the Carter's outlet and blue/purple plaid shorts from the Osh Kosh outlet for Easter. Very simple and cute.

Other than that, I hear you. I've had decent luck at Carter's but honestly, since Turtle is growing faster than the speed of light, I haven't been spending too much on his wardrobe. He's just going to increase a size next month.

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