Monday, March 14, 2011

Using DST To Our Advantage

So we decided to use day light savings to our advantage (even though I am not terribly thrilled with the idea).

Superman's afternoon naps have been hit or miss as I have mentioned before.  I suspected he was getting ready to drop the afternoon nap and (despite my desire to keep two naps for as long as possible) just needed to figure out a plan to get him into the new schedule.  Enter daylight savings time! 

So here we are dropping the afternoon nap all together and moving his bedtime earlier (or rather to the new 7pm) to compensate.  Maybe it would be easier if I showed you the two schedules.

Old Schedule (before time change):
Wake up: 6:20-6:40AM
First nap: 10:30-11AM to about 12:30-1:00PM
Second nap: 3-3:30PM to about 4:30-5 PM
Bedtime: 7pm

New schedule: 
Wake Up: 7:00-7:30 (hopefully)
Nap: 11:30-12 to ?????  (hopefully at least 2 hours)
Bedtime: 7pm (hopefully)

Today worked pretty well.  He slept for about an hour and a half when he went down at 11:30am.  He was really in a good mood most of the afternoon, except when he was hungry and needed a snack.  The only time he really struggled was at the end of the evening.  Our plan was to put him to be at 7:30PM since he went to bed at 8PM yesterday (thanks to DST).  Well he was tired and we took a toy away from him causing him to throw a huge tantrum.  Then my husband went to get him ready for bed and he really just wanted me.  I finally went up and did the rest of the night time routine and he was in bed about 7:30.  He cried off and on for the first hour, but he then fell fast asleep.  Hopefully it is a restful night and he sleeps in!!

 I will update you all on how he does tomorrow!!  In the meantime, how did you go about dropping a nap with your child?  What bumps did you hit along the way?


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