Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Superman is 14 Months Old!

I can't believe that Superman is 14 months old today.  Time continues to speed past me and has me routinely searching for a pause button. 

I realized today that I hadn't done a "Favorite Moments Friday" in a long time and wanted to take the opportunity to update you all on Superman.

Superman is officially walking!  He still hasn't figured out how to stand up without pulling himself up on something or someone, but that will come in time.  He has gotten so good at walking that he can walk and drink from a sippy cup, dodge our dogs and their tails, change directions easily, and has even broken in some hard soled shoes for when it is wet outside.

He has 14 teeth!!! The most surprising part about that is that he has gotten 4 of them in the last week (the two bottom molars came in last Wednesday, the upper right canine came in on Friday and then his upper left canine came in on Monday). 

Superman goes to bed about 7pm and wakes about 7am.  Although sometimes the wake up can be earlier and sometimes it can be as late as 7:30am.  He is still doing 2 naps, although the second nap is hit or miss in terms of quality and length.  Part of me really hopes that he will hold onto the second nap, but the other part looks forward to being able to go on bigger adventures in the afternoons. 


He says, "dada" and other versions like "da" and "dad" for both his dad and the dogs.  He will say "yeah" for yes and has started saying a mumbled "night night" when someone waves goodbye to him.  He has said "mama" and meant me twice.  I am sad that he doesn't say it consistently, although I am trying to appreciate the fact that some day I will want to change my name from Mama because I will hear it non-stop.  He is also starting to really babble with more sounds and intonation. He will even hum or sing to music when we are in the car.  

I think he is on the verge of signing A LOT more.  I think it is a matter of taking the time to teach him them.  He signs 'all done' pretty routinely.  He will sign 'more' when he is reminded and when I ask him to ask nicely instead of grunting, he will sign 'please'.  He will also sign 'eat' (by sticking a finger in his mouth) and 'drink' (open palm to mouth as if to blow a kiss goodbye) once and awhile.  He waves 'goodbye' and signs 'milk' and I can usually differentiate between the two. 

We have been going to an indoor playground for about a month now and I am constantly amazed at the things he picks up.  He will frequently find older children that will engage him in peek-a-boo or other game.  He will also mimic what the older kids are doing.  He loves to go down the little slide and can do so just holding onto my hand.  He is beginning to want the toys other children have and I am learning how to coordinate sharing with the other children and their parents.  I am grateful that the other parents are so understanding. 

My husband taught Superman how to put the mega blocks together.  It is so fun to watch them build structures together.  S seems to be very thoughtful in the blocks that he chooses.  He will sometimes only want the blocks with one connector and then other times he will want ones that are the same color. 

S is very cuddly and huggable lately.  He loves giving hugs to his stuffed animals and his baby doll.  The other day he put his baby doll on his little ride-on toy and pushed her around, just like his dad does with him.  My heart melts every time he shows how caring he is through hugs and sharing his toys and food with us.  I really look forward to seeing how he uses his kindness as he gets older. 

We went swimming at the local pool recently and I was glad we had went.  He took a little bit to get used to the water and that really surprised me.  He finally got comfortable and enjoyed blowing bubbles in the water and just putting his face in the water.  We have plans to go more regularly now so that he doesn't forget how much he likes it.  (smiley face)


I think that is it, you are all caught up!  Till next time...


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