Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Nap Update

We had been doing great on one nap a day, but then on Friday Superman came down with a cold.   He ended up taking a short second nap that day.  Saturday he did one nap (and did fabulously), but Sunday, Monday, and today he has taken two naps.  Today's second nap is questionable.  He is more resting than he is sleeping at this point (25 minutes into the nap).  I almost didn't put him down, but he rubbed his eyes a little bit and seemed okay with the idea of putting him down (although if he put up a fight I probably would have just been more convinced that he needed a nap, so I suppose that is silly for me to list as a reason for putting him down).  I figure he will either sleep, rest or play and if he ends up playing, I will just go up and get him so he can play down here. 

So all the people that told me that it is a process dropping a nap were right...especially when a cold is involved.  We will get there someday and until then...I will gladly embrace two naps a day!


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