Saturday, March 05, 2011

Baby #2: Week 22


March 4, 2011 

How far along: 22 weeks

Baby's size: Papaya (week 21-24 or month 5)

Symptoms: Lower back pain still.  I am doing yoga and stretches almost daily now and that seems to be bringing some relief.  I am hoping that after another week of doing the yoga and other stretches the pain will be gone.
EDIT: I forgot to mention that I am having been braxton hicks in the late morning for the last couple of days (and I had them last weekend).  They aren't painful, but kind of take my breath away.  I don't think I had them last time with S and certainly nothing this early.  The contractions I had with S were in the last month and were painful...still not sure if they were real contractions or braxton hicks. 

Total Weight Gain:  Decided that there is too big of a discrepancy between my doctor's scale and my home one so I will update this after each appointment (which is 1x a month right now).  So according to the doctor I have gained another pound.  Considering the baby weighs a pound, I am really happy with the little amount gained.
Total weight gain= +4 pounds  

Maternity clothes:  Yes

Best moment this week: My husband has felt the baby kick!! It is still soft, but he felt it.  I am so thrilled that he gets to be a part of this experience (last time I had an anterior placenta and couldn't feel the baby move till really late in the pregnancy and then only on the sides).

Movement: When this baby gets moving, he really moves!! It seems like his most active time is right before I go to bed. 

Food cravings:  Everything bagels and strawberry cream cheese from Noah's. 

Gender:  BOY!!!

Labor signs: none

What I miss:  Nothing right now  (besides my back not hurting)

What I'm looking forward to:   More and more kicks from this little boy

Weekly Wisdom (aka what I learned this week): Each pregnancy truly is different. It is amazing to have the placenta in the back this time and feel the baby so much.  I find myself stopping and pausing when I feel the little kick.  I feel more connected with the baby this time around. 

Milestones: My husband feeling the baby kick.

Emotions:  Same old, same old...little more emotional than normal. 

Exercise: I said last week that I had hoped that I could get back on track this week and I did!!

Boot Camp: Wednesday and Friday (1 hour each)

Pregnancy Water Aerobics: Thursday  (1 hour class)
Yoga: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and today!  (30 minutes each)  

Total exercise time: 5 hours!!!

Tandem Nursing:  
Officially over. 

Till next week!


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