Saturday, January 07, 2012

SCD Diet: One week down!

(Day 7 of 182)

I am doing pretty well!  I do not feel like I normally do on a diet where everything I "shouldn't have" is what I am craving.  Instead I am craving things like nuts, raw energy balls, and havarti cheese (it is so creamy!).  Last night, despite my thought that I wouldn't be able to have pizza for 6 months, I had SCD pizza.  I used almond flour, eggs, olive oil, and salt....and it was delicious!!  I have had fun trying out different sausages (from the butchers at Whole Foods and New Seasons) and have decided that I really don't like all the non-Italian sausages and that I like the sausages from Whole Foods better.

Overall I am feeling pretty good too.  I have more energy and my mood has been pretty good.  I have had to adjust my coffee intake because the increased amount of caffeine (compared to soda) was causing my anxiety to act up.  I am experiencing some bacterial die-off symptoms during the middle of the day (and one day it was morning through mid-afternoon -not a great day).  Thankfully it isn't terribly bad though and I feel like maybe I am over the hump because yesterday was the best day yet.

Also on a plus side, I am down 3 pounds for the week.  I have no idea if that is the result of the thyroid meds or the diet though and really, there is no way to know.  Frankly, I don't really care what is causing me to lose weight, I am just glad that I am.  (*My current goal is to feel better, not to lose weight. I am not counting calories or watching my fat intake because that would just be too hard while learning a new diet.)

The challenges I have faced primarily revolve around finding time to prepare the foods I am going to eat.  Superman does a great job playing on his own when I am feeding Mr. T or putting him to sleep, so the times that I am not doing that he really needs to have my attention and nap times haven't been going well lately.   I have tried to include him in the making of the food which I think will be key going forward.  Today is going to be a small challenge.  We are having Superman's 2nd birthday party and there will be cupcakes.  I love cupcakes.  My plan is to avoid touching them all together.  That way I don't have to resist the urge to lick my fingers.  Speaking of licking...I am becoming more and more aware of how many little bites/licks/nibbles I took from Superman's food before.  I keep catching myself about to eat some "illegal" food!!  I guess the good news is that I am catching myself.

So there you have it.  Not too shabby for the first week!


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