Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Who needs sleep? (2nd Edition)

ME!!!!  I need sleep! 
Way back when Superman was about 3 months old I posted about my struggle to sleep when he stirred in his bassinet, Superman's struggles with sleep thanks to some gas, and how I had started singing "Who Needs Sleep" in order to just survive the day.  Well I am singing it once again...

Mr. T is a pretty good sleeper, for a newborn.  That isn't my issue.  My issue is that my body is screaming at me for more sleep.  Like most moms of newborns, I haven't slept for more than 4 hours in several months.  When I was pregnant it wasn't so bad because I was just getting up to pee and then heading back to sleep.  Now, even though I am only nursing him a couple of times a night, I am up for about 40-60 minutes each time and falling back to sleep isn't as easy.  I have also tried sleeping during Superman's nap time, but some days Mr. T's nursing schedule and a short nap just don't allow for that to happen.  If I do nap? Most of the time it is just an hour or so.

I am not asking for much.  I just want 6 straight hours of sleep.  I want to wake up and feel rested.  I am not even asking for this every night, just once or twice a week.

So tonight we are going to try out the bottle with Mr. T.  With his sucking issues, I have been hesitant to introduce it, but I am desperate so I am crossing my fingers and handing the feeding duties over to my husband tonight.  If things go well, he will take over the last feeding before midnight each night and I will get some much needed sleep. 

Wish us luck!  I am going to bed!


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