Friday, October 15, 2010

I won something!

Way back on September 29th I visited Emily's blog, "Baby Dickey", because she tweeted something about being a paranoid parent.  I feel like I do everything I can NOT to be a paranoid parent, but the tweet made me curious what she was writing about and I hopped over to this post to find out.

Turns out she was having a giveaway for this book called, "The Paranoid Parents Guide".   She talked about how she is pretty laid back, but that her husband is much more worried.  She then mentioned that her one "legit" worry was choking and I could totally relate.  When we first started real solids (vs. a puree) I worried that he was going to choke on it so I hovered over him waiting to help if he needed me.  We did have one issue with egg yolks, but his gag reflex kicked in and he threw up the piece (and everything else) that was stuck (yuck, I know).  Despite being a bit scared that it might happen again, I became a little bit more calm since I knew that his defense mechanism for choking worked.   

I don't usually enter blog giveaways (a. because I never win and b. because you have to do ten bazillion ridiculous things to enter), but this one was simple!  I only had to leave a comment...I could do that!  So I left a comment about our common fear of choking and then promptly forgot that I had entered the giveaway.  That is...till today when I got an email from Emily saying I won!  Me?  I won?  Yahoo!!! 

So although I don't consider myself a paranoid person, I will probably read it so I can find out if the things I think I should be worried about are the "right ones".   I will let you know if I learn anything new.

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!!


Mommy C


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