Friday, August 20, 2010

Favorite Moments Friday

Happy Friday!!

Here are my favorite moments from the week:

  • Superman is doing the army crawl!  He is actually getting better and better at not putting his head down on the ground as he moves his arms (which was hilarious to watch, but highly inefficient for crawling).  
  • Chunky chunky!  So this actually started last week, but Superman has started chunky foods. He also has really started to enjoy the puffs and is awesome at getting them into his mouth now.  Sometimes he will just sit there with the food in his mouth and is we make chewing movements and sounds with our mouth, he smiles and mimics us by chewing really big.  It is very cute!
  • As you may have read in the posts earlier this week, he is getting squirmy!! Changing his diaper and getting him dressed required lots of determination and speed! 
  • We have a very opinionated little man on our hands.  When he wants something I just took away, boy does he throw a fit!  I have been working on swapping out things when he throws the fit if it is a toy and it works about half the time.  Most of the time? He just wants what he wants.  
  • The cool side of this is that he will move to get to the toy that he wants.  When he is sitting, he will reach as far as he possibly, twist almost all the way around, or swap a toy from one hand to the other so he can grab something with the hand that is closer.  
  • We have a bunch of colored, plastic balls that he likes to play with (along with his plastic cups).  He will grab different balls, cups, or other toys to bang together to see what sound is made or swap out balls so that they are the same color.  I was telling him that the balls in his hands were yellow and he put one of the balls down and picked up the yellow cup.  I don't know if it was just a coincidence or if he understood, but I was so excited and he knew he had done something pretty awesome based on my reaction.
  • We are getting another tooth!! This will be number 7 when it breaks through.  It seems like this one really hurts him more than any other.  I have been having to try all sorts of new tricks.  My sister told me about wetting part of a washcloth and then freezing it.  He really like that last night.  Unfortunately, the downside to the teething is that he keeps biting me while nursing.  He drew blood two nights ago...yes, you read that correctly, he.drew.blood!  I am heading to the lactation consultant today with him to see if we can get some new tips on how to nurse with teeth (The biting is really the least of our concerns.  The upper teeth are rubbing on me and causing some problems). 
That is all for this week!   The Oregon International Airshow is this weekend so I am looking forward to seeing Superman's reactions to the planes (he loves watching the Intel and Nike planes fly overhead as they prepare to land in Hillsboro).  There are some really loud jets here so I am a little worried about his naps.  I will let you know how it goes next week!


Mommy C


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