Monday, June 14, 2010

No Such Thing As Bad Weather...

Just the other day I was reading a post over at 365 days: 30+Mommyhood by Abby's Mommy (or @metta1313 for those of you on Twitter) about the Pacific Northwest.  It got me thinking about my dad and our "family values" when it came to weather and activity.  It also got me thinking about our decision to move to the Pacific Northwest. 

Growing up in my dad's house in upstate NY meant that you were expected to be an outdoorsy, adventure seeking soul.  There was no excuse for boredom and sitting inside on a perfectly nice day was frowned upon...I actually think this was pretty normal in my neighborhood as you would see all the neighbor kids playing together when the weather was nice.  But what about those "bad weather days"??  Well early on in my life I learned the family motto- "No such thing as bad weather, just bad equipment".  So those "bad weather days" didn't really exist in my house.  This was especially true during the winter.  I was a wearer of polypropylene fabrics and Gore Tex long before it was "cool" (yes, in my world polypropylene and Gore Tex are cool and frankly I am in love with all sorts of outdoor gear, not just those pieces that are for "bad weather"). 

So when my husband and I decided to move from sunny and very warm California to Oregon I didn't flinch when I found out that it rains a lot here.  In my mind I just needed to have a good rain coat and some waterproof shoes and I would be good.  And I am good. I don't mind the rain at all during the winter.  I have my gear and we even have gear for S so we can go on walks in the rain, but between you and me, by the time June rolls around I am praying for "good weather".  At some point it doesn't matter that I have gear that allows me to enjoy the outdoors without getting soaked on a rainy day...I want sunshine!  I want to around barefoot, open the windows in the house, and go for long (sun filled) walks in the park.

So this past weekend when the sun finally decided to join us...I was ecstatic!  We went to the farmer's market for breakfast and when we got home hubby went off for a bike ride, so S and I pulled out the cool waterproof blanket I bought, and went and played in the yard.  We laid on our backs and stared at the trees blowing in the wind and the planes flying overhead.  We felt the grass between our toes and the sun kiss our cheeks.  It...was...heaven.  I think summer has finally found us here in the Pacific Northwest!!  Now, where did I put all my summer gear????

Mommy C


Jennifer said...

We have been having some great weather too...I am in Seattle. Love the weather up here, never too hot or cold, and I do not mind the rain at all.

Mommy C said...

I do like the mild temperatures. I didn't make a good Northern Californian because I hated the really hot weather.

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