Monday, May 17, 2010

My Rings

I have been thinking about being married a lot recently.  It began because my husband's former roommate got married this past weekend and we made the pilgrimage down to California to be a part of it.  Actually we first traveled there about a month ago for the wedding shower (for her) and the bachelor party (for him) I guess that really started it all.  Or maybe it started when I gave birth to my son 4 months ago.  Or maybe I have been thinking about it for a year because for the last 12 months I have not worn my wedding ring, despite giving birth 4 months ago (isn't the swelling supposed to go down at some point?).  I have missed my ring so much that at some point I made a mental note to stop thinking about it (and as with most things that I tell myself not to think about...I just thought about it more and beat myself up in the process).  At one point I did try buying a cheapo replacement, but I bought it big (because I thought that I might continue to swell, which thankfully didn't happen) so it was uncomfortable to wear.  My husband, being the kind man that he is, only pestered me about not wearing the ring until he listened to the Adam Carola podcast where Teresa Strasser talked about having to get her ring cut off her finger because of the swelling (because me telling him that I was afraid of needing it to be cut off wasn't enough for him to believe that it could happen).

At any rate, I have been wanting to get the ring resized, but we got them when we lived in California and the store doesn't exist in Oregon...and since we sprang for the warranty I wasn't about to pay out of pocket for it to be resized.  Therefore our extended trip down to California this past weekend was a great opportunity for me to get it done.  I was so excited that I was going to have my ring back that I made my husband drive straight to the jeweler from the airport.  Then a short 36 hours later I went back and picked it up.  O...M....G I honestly can't explain to you how beautiful my rings looked.  They looked brand new and of course, the best part was that they fit!!!!  Do you remember when you first had your rings on your hand (you know, it was right after that ceremony thing where you got to wear a pretty dress and hold pretty flowers)?  Remember how you kept looking at your hand to keep checking to make sure the rings were there OR to remind yourself that you are in fact married OR because they were so darn beautiful you couldn't believe they were on your hand?  That was me this week.  I mean...look at this ring... wouldn't you want to stare at it all day long too?

So last night I was trying to figure out what I should write about this week.  I am trying to keep myself distracted from the fact that I have to have surgery a week from today (to repair some damage that happened during the birth of my son) and the pain that is going to come with healing once again.  So, focusing on one of the happiest times in my life seems like a suitable topic.  As promised to Rebekah at Mom-In-A-Million,I will post a vlog with my engagement story and then of course, I will write about the actual wedding itself.  So stay tuned....there will be pictures!


Rebekah @ Mom-In-A-Million said...

Yay! I last heard your engagement story at a bar in Olathe a few months before your wedding so I look forward to hearing it again!

amy smith said...

This is so funny, because I had my rings cleaned this weekend and holy cow what a difference!!!! I feel like I am wearing new rings and I agree that it feels like I just received them! :)

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