Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Setting myself free...

When I started this blog I did so thinking that it would be a fun way to explore my new role as "mom" and document the journey with my family.  I thought that I would surely have time to write every day and my goal was to have something posted daily Monday through Friday.  The reality?  I barely have time to go pee by myself, let alone write.  Many people, especially those who don't blog, are probably wondering why not blogging every day is an issue.  I came across several conversations when I first got started where people were discussing the unwritten code about about writing everyday.  That you have to post something everyday if you are a "real blogger".  I want to be a "real blogger", but the reality is, as I already mentioned, blogging every day is just not going to happen.

I would like to be able to just say that I will do what I can and if people have a problem with it, they can all shove it. ;)  But instead, I get anxious about it.  Will I lose followers? Will I lose credibility? Will I lose my mind trying to be perfect in the eyes of those who don't even know me?  Yup, that thought right there is what made me snap out of it and write this post.  I love all you and think it is amazing that I have met some amazing women through this blog, but I am not perfect and most of you talk about not being perfect on your own blogs, so why am I holding myself to a different standard?  

So I am freeing myself from the guilt of not posting every day (because really, being a mommy comes with enough guilt as it is) and will post 2-5 times a week (including Thursdays with Trixie).  Come to think of it, I am probably doing all of you a favor.  If you are like me and follow a bazillion and one blogs, keeping up with them is tough.  I just decreased the amount of reading you have to do and hopefully, I will become the delicious treat that you look forward to whenever it may happen to show up. :)

Do any of you struggle with finding time to blog?  How do you make it work?

Mommy C


Anonymous said...

Oh, I totally hear you! I haven't posted on any of my blogs for a couple of days, thanks to some things going on here AND my daughter's new unpredictable nap schedule. Good for you for "declaring your freedom" from daily posting!

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