Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Clarifying my focus

I am so far behind with my updates on the kids that every time I sit down to write about them, I get overwhelmed and do something else.  I got to thinking about why I want to do the updates at all and I realized it is not because I want to share everything with the world, I do them so that I will remember.  I do them so that my family and close friends can hear about the little things going on in our little piece of the world without my need to post every little thing on Facebook....although I come close. 

So I have decided to create a second blog.  A blog where I can post pictures of the kids, use their real names, and write all about the little details of our lives so that I will remember when they are older (you know, like a month from now).  

This will free me up to write about the things that I do want to share with the rest of the world...things like how I am dealing with Mr. T's 4 month sleep regression, Superman's new found love of temper tantrums, and my transformative journey involving food, dieting, and my weight.  So you can see that I still still write about the kids, but you won't get posts listing their various milestones. 

I hope this makes as much sense to everyone else as it does to me. 


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