Thursday, October 27, 2011

Just like me.

Superman doesn't look like me.  I was in denial for a long time.  People would comment on how much he looks like my husband, but I would just keep thinking that some part of him looks like me...I just needed to figure out which part.

My husband likes to remind me that he does have my toes.  Yes, one physical trait he got from me was his lovely webbed second and third toe.  I am sure he will be thanking me at some point.

The fact that he doesn't look like me has bugged me since he was born.  I look at all my friend's kids and you can totally tell that it is their kid.  But then you look at Superman and I and you might think we are related, but it isn't entirely obvious how. 

One of my deep down and secret worries I had about Mr. T, when I was pregnant, is that he would also not look like me.  I tried to grapple with the idea that I might not ever have a kid that looked like me and that had to be okay.

Thankfully, I don't actually have to deal with that because Mr. T looks a lot like me and it is AMAZING!!  I love looking at him and seeing my features on his face.   I like seeing pictures where our smiles are the same.  I love it when people comment on the fact that he looks a lot like me.

And as with anything involving motherhood, my adoration with my new son looking like me has made me feel guilty.  I feel bad that it means something to me that he looks like me.  It isn't that I love him more or that I feel more connected to him, because that certainly isn't the case.   It just feels different to have someone look like you.  Do you know what I mean?  Maybe you don't and I am all alone on this subject.  Maybe I am just a big egotistical weirdo that gets a kick out of the fact that she has someone that looks like fact as I write this I am really beginning to wonder if any of this will make sense to you all.

So...If your kid looks like you, how do you feel about having a mini you?  Do you have an extra sense of pride because of it? If your kid doesn't look like you, how do you feel about this?  Do you wish that he did look like you?  Does it matter at all?

All this being said, in the end, I know, without a doubt, that both of these adorable kids are mine:

with his webbed toes and strong desire to make friends where ever he goes.

 (just like me)


Mr. T  
with his bright blue eyes, auburn hair, thin upper lip, invisible eyebrows and desire to babble non-stop when he is happy.

(just like me)


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