Tuesday, August 09, 2011

One Month

I don't know where this past month went, but I do know that there have been days that I thought would never end.  Kind of strange to have time move so fast and slow simultaneously.   I guess the good news is that I have survived.  I don't think I have done it very gracefully at times and I will tell you that there have been tears, but we all have survived and that is what is important. (insert big smiley face here)

Mr. T is doing great.  He is growing a ton and looks more like a 3 month old instead of a one month old.  He has the nursing thing down for the most part and he has even nursed in the ring sling while I was pushing Sam in the swing at the park!  He had his first cranial-sacral therapy last week for his sucking issues and I credit the treatment for his greater ability to latch without getting frantic first.  He is also starting to latch onto our fingers a lot faster.  He will have at least 2 more treatments to see if we can get him to latch onto a pacifier without a ton of coaxing.  I don't care if he doesn't ever want a pacifier, but I want to make sure he can latch if he wants to do so.   He has also started to take a bottle, which is huge!  He doesn't like to drink very much from it, but it is a start.  (I really need to be getting more sleep and that means one bottle a day when possible.)  Overall a really great first month for our little boy!

Superman is adjusting to being a big brother AND dealing with typical 18 month+ type stuff.  While he seems to love his little brother, he has shown that he wants more attention than he was getting before.  We have worked on finding special times through the day for just S and I and that seems to help.  His tantrums (which usually include hitting or throwing) seem to also be improving, thank goodness!!  I am sure that we are no where near the end of them, but at least they are more manageable now.  

My husband has been back to work for just over 2 weeks.  I had been letting him sleep at night, but now I am waving the white flag and asking for help.  The current plan is that I will go to bed after my 9-10pm feeding and then my husband will give Mr. T a bottle at around 11-12.  We did this at the end of last week and I was able to get 5-6 hours of sleep, even though he only took about 2 ounces of milk.  We had stopped because it seemed like Mr. T didn't want to eat till later, but at this point if it means I get more sleep, we are doing it.

Speaking of me....well, I am doing okay.  I am holding out hope that if I get more sleep, I will feel better.  I will post more about this later if sleep doesn't "fix" things.  Thankfully, I feel pretty good physically.  My healing has gone so much easier than it did with Superman.  I have been doing some walking, but hope to get back into a routine soon.  This should help with my mood too.

If anyone has some great tips on balancing sleep, parenting, and time for yourself, please share!  I sleep during naps (when not nursing) and once Mr. T goes to bed I want some time to myself, but feel like I should be going to bed so that I can get more sleep. 

I am also looking for good, quick snacks for me.  I tend to eat granola bars, goldfish, and cheese when I need something quick.  I want something fairly healthy, but is still easy to grab and go.  Thanks for the help!


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