Thursday, September 02, 2010

Mothers for Teleportation Today

I have been thinking a lot about transportation lately.  I am convinced that we need teleportation now and I am convinced that the person who is going to invent it will be... a mother.

Why? You ask. Well it should be obvious, but I will explain myself so that you can nod your head and agree with me. :)

First off mothers want their children to spend time with family members and most have families that live way too far away.  With teleportation you can skip off to your parent's home (on the other side of the country) for the weekend so they can have quality grandparent time with your kids or zip over to your sister's house (way down south) for some coffee talk.  Teleportation would bring families back together again (and I can get rid of my no-good-never-works-right-webcam). 

Second, if the idea of a road trip with children of any age sounds hideously painful and way too much work with all the toys needed, snacks required and lets not forget a nice not-so-healthy dose of "are we there yet?" then teleporation would be the answer to your prayers!  Going to the beach for the weekend? No problem, just teleport there and start building that sand castle in minutes!  The kids forgot their shovels?  No problem, teleport back home, grab 'em and you are back faster than you could say "too bad, so sad kiddo!"

The final reason I think a mother is going to be the one to invent teleportation is because of all the mothers that have been out and about with their baby or toddler and done the "please, please don't fall asleep"chant while trying to drive home like a (safe) mad woman and simultaneously trying to get said child to stay awake.  I swear just when I come up with another way to keep Superman awake in the car till we get home, it stops working.  I can sing horribly loud (and well, just plain horribly), tickle him, attempt to play peekaboo at the stop lights, and eventually just poke and prod him AND he still falls asleep 3/4 of the way from home (Yes, I am doing all of these things while I am driving. Haven't you?). 

Teleportation would make mothers everywhere rejoice at the idea that families are mere seconds away, that the only answer you will need for "are we there yet" is "yes" and that naps will no longer be spoiled by the car nap fairy.

So are you the mom that will invent teleportation for us all?


Mommy C


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