Tuesday, September 21, 2010


No not the TV show (although I do love that show), today I am referring to my hair.  It is gone.  I am free from making the decision between the lovely, but tired pony tail or having my son yank on my hair.  If you are wondering which choice won most of the time, the answer is the pony tail.  In fact, I had to go back to the beginning of September to find a picture of me with my hair down.

Do you see S's fingers starting to wrap around my hair? Ouch!!

So my requirements for the haircut included:
  • Short - no longer than my shoulders
  • But long enough for me to pull back half of it into a clip when I work out
  • Easy- I don't have the time nor the desire to style my hair...ever.
My normal hair stylist is out on maternity leave so I needed a new one.  Fortunately for me one of the moms in my playgroup is a stylist!! In fact she works at this really nice salon and spa in Lake Oswego called Rumi Simone.  Only problem was that I had no daycare for Superman, when was I going to find time to escape to get this haircut.  Again, fortunately for me, Aleka does house calls!  She came to my house, took breaks so I could take care of my very cranky Superman, and because we are friends, we got to catch up as she cut my hair.  It was perfect (well minus the whole cranky Superman part).  I am so grateful for Aleka and her awesome skills.  If you are in the area and are looking for a new stylist...I highly recommend her.

So on to the cut....

I have heard that some people can't stand seeing hair that has been cut off....but I love it.  When I get my hair cut it is usually a dramatic cut so there is usually a BIG pile of it by the time we are done.  I feel so free when I see that pile sitting on the floor...(crazy? um yeah, I know...)

    First a little bit off...
    And then some more...

    Then the final pile of hair. :)

    beginning of cut
    You can begin to see the cut taking shape...lots more to cut off though!

    finished cut
    Final Product! Aleka did a great job!

    new hair
    Final Product- next day.  I didn't do too bad and this time I am wearing makeup. LOL

    Not bad, right?  I look like a grown up, but not too old and it is easy for me to do!  Thanks Aleka!!


    Mommy C

    (I was not compensated nor given anything for free for mentioning Rumi Simone or Aleka.  I really am just friends with her and love my new haircut. )