Friday, July 02, 2010

Happy Half Birthday to My Baby!

Editor's Note: I have decided that calling my son by a letter is getting old.  So I have decided to switch things up a bit and one of his nicknames gave me this idea.  I would like to introduce you all to my son, Superman:


Dear Superman,

Today you are 6 months old!! It is hard for me to believe so much time has passed, but everyday you are proving to me that you are indeed ready to be 6 months old.  Just in the past two weeks you have grown and developed in so many ways.
  • You can now roll over from front to back AND back to front.  Although you prefer rolling one to the right more, you are beginning to show us that you can, in fact, roll to the left as well.  
  • You have also learned to stay sitting all by yourself.  It is fun to watch you adjust your weight so that you don't fall seems so amazing to me that you know just automatically know how to do that.  Every once and a while you topple over, but don't worry...Daddy or I are there to catch you. 
  • You have been deswaddled for almost 2 weeks now and you love to sleep on your belly.
  • You also seem to be quite the mover in your sleep because you are never in the part of the crib that I put you in when I come to get you.  Most of the time you are are on the complete other end of the crib!!  There are times also that you are perpendicular from where I put you or even turned 180 degrees!!  I keep telling Daddy that I want to put a camera in your room so I can find out how you are moving so much.  We had to put up breathable bumpers 2 days ago because we would come in to find your leg in between the slats of the crib and you fussing because you thought you were stuck (you weren't but since you are still developing the rolling thing, if anything gets in your way you get frustrated).  
  • You have also been on solids continuously for just about a month (started but quit solids on May 4th due to horrible stomach pains and then we tried, successfully again on June 5th).  So far you have eaten rice cereal, oatmeal, banana, prunes, avocado, sweet potatoes, pears, carrots, peas, and peaches without any reaction.  You love everything except the avocado...unless it is mixed with something else.  I think it is a texture issue.  One of your favorite treats is when I put some banana or a frozen cube of sweet potato in the mesh feeder so you can feed yourself.  You have also been practicing with the sippy cup.  You are quite cute, opening and closing your mouth on it as if it were something you chew.   Every once and a while you try sucking on it and get some water though.  
  • You seem to have many favorite activities and games to play.  In the morning you like to sit in your exersaucer and explore on your own.   You still love your play gym, but you are now rolling away from it when you get bored. You also like to sit up next to the play gym and play with the animals that hang down as you sit.  Speaking of sitting, when you are sitting you like to play with your soft blocks, the beach ball, musical band walker thing.  You also love to sit in front of the mirror and smile at the other baby!! 
  • The puppies seem to be adjusting to you pretty well.  Lola doesn't seem that interested in you, but Clyde adores you!  He will sit patiently as you grab at his fur, he will give you gentle kisses that you don't seem to mind too much, and most importantly, he wants to be where ever you are.  I think there are times when he is jealous of you, but who can blame him...he is used to being the baby!
I am so proud of all that you have accomplished in these short 6 months and I look forward to seeing what you will learn next!!  I love you up to the moon and down to the sharks and around the world a million bazillion times.




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