Monday, August 22, 2011

What is that noise?

Mr. T has been a loud breather and nurser pretty much since he was born.  I have mentioned here that he also had trouble sucking and wouldn't take a pacifier.   We saw some improvement after the first cranio sacral treatment, but then things changed just before and then after the second treatment.  I didn't understand why we were back tracking.  He was taking a pacifier easier, but nursing wasn't going well and I was frustrated.  He would gag, wheeze, and refuse to nurse.  Then, if we did successfully nurse, he would be super fussy afterward and hated laying flat. 

I began to notice that he would wheeze and do this weird hiccup thing (not hiccups, but kind of sounds like it) even when he was just laying there or if he was getting upset (regardless of position).  I blamed most of the nursing issues on my over-supply of milk and started feeding him only from one breast at a time (versus swapping sides halfway through).  However, I had no idea why he was making those other noises.  I began to wonder if I just forgot that Superman did this or if this was really something abnormal.   

Then I went to Moms Group on Monday. 

Another mom announced that they finally figured out why she was having so many nursing issues.  Her daughter was diagnosed with tracheomalacia (Some resources/explanations can be found here and here and here).  She began to talk about the symptoms and I couldn't believe my ears.  Mr. T had those same issues!  I asked more questions and our leader told us more about it.  I still didn't understand it completely, but I knew enough that made me want to schedule a doctor's appointment for as soon as we could. 

The next day I got my confirmation.  The pediatrician confirmed that Mr. T appeared to have a "typical" case of tracheomalacia.  You cannot get a definitive diagnosis without having a scope done to see what is actually going on.  However, our doctor didn't recommend going to the ENT .  The doctor didn't want to us to have to put Mr. T under anesthesia if we didn't have to.  If things get worse and he stops thriving, we will certainly reconsider.

At any rate, other than keeping him upright and giving us acid reflux medicine, he didn't have a lot of information to tell me.  I have been nursing him upright in my sling pretty much exclusively and that definitely has improved things, but my shoulders are beginning to hurt having the sling on (what seems to be) 90% of my awake time.   

Today I went to see a lactation consultant in search of a better solution to nursing.  She wasn't my usual consultant, but she could see me today (and since Superman is at daycare today, I jumped all over it).  She showed me a way to use the Breastfriend to help him sit up while nursing.   We wrap it around both of us and the cushion supports his back (he is "sitting" in my lap, back up against it).  It worked well at the office, so I am hoping that it will provide some much needed rest for my shoulders and back. 

I am beginning to feel more comfortable with this diagnosis.  I am still anxious that it will get worse or that he will get an upper respiratory infection.  I worry that we are still missing something and that I am making the wrong decision not to go to the ENT specialist.  However, all in all things are getting better.  I will be sure to post an update if anything changes. 


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