Thursday, December 30, 2010

Baby #2 - 9 Weeks

December 4, 2010
How far along: 9 weeks 

Baby's size: green olive

Symptoms: Went to the doctor because of the pain.  They did an ultrasound and didn't find any reason for it.  I am still getting it, but the nausea with it is diminishing.  Unfortunately, the nausea in general is getting worse.  I am also getting more hormonal. :(

Sleep:  Pretty good minus the one night that I spent on the floor in Superman's room because he was teething and had what I would consider insomnia.

Total Weight Gain:  lost another 2 pounds this down 4 pounds

Maternity clothes: I bought a bella band because I can't find my one from Superman.  Even though my pants seem to have plenty of room in them, when I am sitting I prefer the button to be undone...kind of like I just had a huge meal.  I feel huge!

Best moment this week: Had my first ultrasound of the pregnancy!  The baby is in gummy bear shape now and has a heart rate of 178 bpm!!

Movement: too early

Food cravings: peach yogurt has been yummy....and I have been living on goldfish crackers.  I have my first real food aversion- granola bars....makes me gag just thinking about it.  It is a super weird one for me to not like since I lived on them since Superman was born.

Gender:  ?????

Labor signs: none

What I miss: feeling better

What I'm looking forward to: being able to tell people  (although I have let it slip with a few people and then the instructor at my boot camp asked me when I was due in front of everyone so they know now (I told her because I was supposed to)). 

Weekly Wisdom (aka what I learned this week): I am a wimp when it comes to nausea.

Milestones: seeing the baby for the first time on the ultrasound

Emotions: riding the emotional roller coaster

Tandem Nursing:  
Supply: dipping... :(
Pain: Yes and No...sometimes I get lucky and it doesn't hurt when he latches on
Nausea while nursing: not every time, but on my particularly more nauseous days nursing made it worse.
Positions for nursing: cradle hold
See my post here about how I am so over breastfeeding right now. 
Till next week!


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