Thursday, November 18, 2010

Baby Love

He looks at me...and I melt.

He reaches for me...and I melt.

He scrunches up his nose and giggles...and I melt.

He bobs his head to the music...and I melt.

He stops himself in the middle of his play to throw himself at me...and I melt.

He takes a step away, but turns around to make sure that I am still there...and I melt.

He cries out in pain or tiredness or simple sadness...and I melt.

I will never be able to describe this feeling adequately.  It isn't like I have never felt love before....I have felt it from my family and friends...and obviously from my husband.  But this is different. 

This is a love that stops me in my tracks 100+ times a day. 

This is a love that changes my mood in an instant.  

This is a love that seems so pure and perfect while feeling so unbelievably strong and unwavering.

This is a love that surprises me.


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