Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tuesday's [non] Weigh-In @WW

So I blew it this week.  I fell so far off the wagon it really isn't that funny, but I am choosing to laugh at myself and move on.  We went down to California for a wedding shower and it was just too hard to stay on program.  In the past this would have been really hard and I would not bounce back easily.  So this time I am not going to beat myself over it, but this is way harder to do than I thought it was going to be.  I decided that if I was going to go back on the wagon, then I needed to do it all the way so I have created a plan and we will see if it works next Tuesday.  Here is the plan:

1. Do not weigh in today.  (Why? I know I gained weight, why have it in writing so that I can dwell on it.)
2. Go to my WW meeting. (This will help me refocus and stay on track. In the past I wouldn't have gone and then I would have a really hard time going back next week.)
3. TRACK!  (Yup, despite my weeks of success without tracking, I think it is time to start tracking again.  It is just way too easy for me to cheat otherwise.)
4. Run/Walk everyday.  (Baby Boot Camp is going really well, but I am noticing that Baby S is needing to nap during that time.  So I am going to try it a couple of more times, but if Baby S isn't napping okay when I go, I will stay home.  HOWEVER, that doesn't mean I don't have to exercise...in fact it means I have to push myself even more because doing it on my own is hard! So my current goal is to run/walk 2 miles at least every day and eventually get my average moving speed over 5.0 for the total distance.)

So the plan is pretty basic, but it is what has worked in the past. Come back next Tuesday and see how I did!

So here is the breakdown:
Goal: 50 pounds
Week: 8
Loss this week: Didn't weight in

Total Loss: 9.2 pounds(as of last week)


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